33,000 Feet

Flying high above the earth at 33,000 feet-where puffy white clouds are more of a reality than the human life, community, culture on the ground below- I am struck with the realization that although I can see for hundreds of miles from my window seat, God’s perspective is infinitely greater! Super centers are postage stamp size, houses a mere pin dot. The millions of heartbeats within my sight line, seemingly inconsequential.  The various cloud formations (all those scientific terms which I never could keep straight) look like cotton ball pebble stones on a pathway to eternity.  Does Jesus walk around on them?
I watch the topography of the land morph from lush green-carpeted rolling hills which fold gracefully around waterways in organic shapes– into increasingly flat grid patterns and rectangles which look like a huge earth toned patchwork quilt.
And yet…the same God who holds the world in His hands, who tells the ocean where to stop on the shore, who guards the storehouses of the snow (see Job 38-42)…this is the same God I call Father, even “Abba.”
He created my inmost being and even knows how many hairs ended up on the hairbrush this morning -or went down the shower drain!  Such infinite power, such overwhelming attention, such unconditional love.  “What is man that you are mindful of him?…”  What a mighty God we serve!