It's OK I Had a Stroke

So what has the Lord taught me through this process ?  He has shown me that healing is a lot of times a process that He uses to teach us things.  If we shortcut the process we shortcut ourselves and miss things we need.  My physical healing was only the mirror to what God was wanting to do spiritually. He had to strip me down to the minimum so He could build me back up in him.  He peeled me back like an onion a layer at a time slowly teaching me the simple ness of His saving grace and the freedom that faith in Jesus brings.  By letting things go I've learned that truly Jesus is all I need. All the stuff I thought I neede to make me happy were really keeping me from experiencing the freedom of Christ.  I was a slave to my stuff instead of a slave to Jesus.  With each layer of the world he removed He revealed a deeper truth of my need for total dependence on Him and Him alone.

Healing River

Married as high school sweethearts in 1990, the couple has had to navigate some tough challenges over the years. Their second son Garrett was born with Down's Syndrome in 1997. This presented a unique journey as Sheila grew up with a younger brother who also has Down's.  He was later diagnosed with Autism as well. Perspective gained as an older sibling and then a parent of a special needs child is quite profound, and both Brian and Sheila have reached out to other parents with special needs kids. Receiving healing and wisdom from the Lord in this area was the context for Sheila's first original CD and devotional Healing River.