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Brian...avid mechanic, drag racer, and car restorer from his teenage years, working alongside his father.  Although he earned a BS in Economics from Bethel University in St Paul, MN, the pinnacle of his career was working for Classic & Sport in Edinburg, VA restoring Ferraris and other very high end automobiles.  Many of the cars Brian worked on won top awards all over the world.  Retirement came 20 years early and quite suddenly with the stroke July 2014.  The other overwhelming interest in Brian's life was music, and he began playing guitar in high school.  His passion grew and developed to the point he was able to play any style of music with anybody.  Much of that flexibility was honed as he and Sheila hung out at a Christian coffee shop most every weekend for a few years in their small rural town of Edinburg, VA.  Open Mic attracted musicians of all different styles as well as skill level--everything from blue grass to jazz to blues to rock to classical to Latino flavor guitar.  There were often periods of impromptu "jamming" as well as more structured performances.  It was a wonderful, unique time of "sitting in" and learning from one another within an atmosphere of worship before the Lord Jesus. The connections the Lord brought through that coffee shop spread all over the country and continue to impact the couple spiritually.


Born and raised in New Castle, PA.  College in St. Paul, MN and 19 years in the Shenandoah Valley, Virginia.  Then sensing God's call, the family moved to Southwest Texas (Fort Davis, just an hour from the border of Mexico) in fall 2015.  It has been a fascinating as well as significant season of REST and recuperation from the stroke.  God has worked in them and through them, leading them to some cutting-edge neuroscience brain therapy as well as writing a book about the journey of healing and faith. Plans are in the works to return to the Valley in 2018, trusting the Lord for yet another new season of life and ministry.


Our Family

The couple has been incredibly blessed with two sons. Colton born 1995 and Garrett born 1997. They have a unique bond as brothers partly due to Garrett having Down's Syndrome and Autism.  Both boys have a combination of interests which include cars as well as music!  Colton is a talented drummer and can also sing quite well if he ever lets anyone hear him.  He also caught the mechanic disease, so it's always tinkering or restoring a project. Normally primarily nonverbal, when Garrett does speak it's usually just above a whisper. When he sings however it's at the top of his lungs!  Although Garrett does like race cars, he is a motorcycle fan and has particular fondness for Volkswagen bugs because they are like "Herbie!"

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