Insights from a Dog

So we have these wonderful neighbors “John” and “Mary” who not only have become fast friends and love Jesus, but they love dogs. One night we had several people over for dinner, and Zeppelin greeted John extremely enthusiastically when he came in the door. I discovered why…. During the time we were back in Virginia as they helped take care of Zeppelin, John spoiled him with chicken flavored treats and rawhide. No wonder the dog is always happy to see John!
Any of you who have been around me and Zeppelin know how that dog is completely attached to me. We have even joked that he and I have a codependent relationship. He wants to be wherever I am, and if I’m not around he goes into a depression. To my great surprise, that night Zeppelin laid right at John’s feet under the table for quite some time! I had to fight some internal jealousy due to my dog seeming to have love and loyalty for someone besides me! LOL.

And then the Holy Spirit started showing me something: aren’t we very often that same way with God? We have love and loyalty for the Lord because of what we anticipate getting from Him. We want to spend time with Him; we seek after Him because of what we can get. This quick bond of love/loyalty that Zeppelin demonstrates for John is because John brings treats to Zep each time he sees him. What would happen if John came over and didn’t bring the treat? Do I seek to spend time with the Father only when I want to present my laundry list of needs or complaints?
Zeppelin follows me around 24/7 whether or not I have treats in my hand.  He just wants to be where I am and will position himself at my feet or in his line of sight just because he loves me and wants to be near me.  Do I seek communion with The Lord simply because I love Him and desire to grow our relationship?  Do I want to just rest in Him regardless of whether He answers my prayers the way I think He should? Do I want to be with Him simply because that is my favorite “place” to be?